Pan was born and raised in Taiwan, which is a beautiful island located in East Asia. Pan obtains her Master of Fine Arts degree in Metals and Jewelry Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgia, USA). Pan’s background and culture have influenced and personalized her art creation. Her jewelry designs are organic and modern and exquisite in their intricacy. The artist painstakingly hand-solders each link in her chain mail, ensuring its strength and wear ability. Jewelry created by the artist is authenticated by her signature mark “Pan” Each piece is an individual handcrafted work of art, and quantities are limited.

Pan’s art design is also well recognized by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Her entire art creation for her Master of Art thesis project entitled “Bags” became part of SCAD’s permanent collection, as requested by Paula S. Wallace president of SCAD.

In addition to being a contemporary metalsmith, Pan is also an illustrator. Pan was awarded with the highest honor of illustrator at the Fifth Children’s Literature Award in Taiwan, additionally Pan illustrated two children's books published by Star Bright books "Piggy in my Pocket" and "What's in Grandma's Grocery Bag".

Pan believes art should bring a happy atmosphere to people. She wishes her work delivers joyful messages to the public. “I am connected with people through many invisible lines” She said. “I want to display my true feeling of happiness through my creations and wish we all can enjoy the greatness of life.”

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